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KundaliniWiki.org is a free library of information on Kundalini and Kundalini research.

For more on related projects, please visit www.emergingsciences.org.

An Introduction to Kundalini

The best introductory materials available on the internet are on the Institute for Consciousness Research's (ICR) Learning Center. Most places online that have information on Kundalini just repeat information found elsewhere, such as the ancient writings of India. ICR takes a modern view of Kundalini as a universal biological mechanism critically important for our survival in the nuclear age.

ICR Learning Center Links:

The Kundalini Experimental Project

The Kundalini Experimental Project, first proposed by the Institute for Consciousness Research, is a global research effort to understand the underlying factors responsible for a Kundalini awakening and to identify safe methods for its arousal. The ultimate goal of the project is the empirical validation of the Kundalini mechanism in the human body.

Kundalini's Impact on Society

Resources and information on Kundalini's impact to society. Based on the ESF's Kundalini Worldmap

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