Theory of Internal Architecture

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The theory of Internal Architecture (IA) of Kundalini posits the existence of latent structures in the conscious and subconscious mind - in the form of belief systems, worldviews, and values - that are important to a healthy awakening of Kundalini. The theory states that spiritual practices like meditation are actually secondary practices which help arouse Kundalini once a person has been made ripe through re-architecting their own inner landscape.

Further, the theory says that there are going to be certain spiritual beliefs that are more important than others for the awakening process, and that through the identification of these beliefs and consequent re-structuring of conscious and subconscious minds through sustained and vigorous effort is important to facilitate a Kundalini awakening.

Supporting this line of investigation, one of the findings in the Kundalini Profile Survey was the recurrence of individuals who took part in the 12-Steps program reporting powerful symptoms of Kundalini awakening. Another finding is that a restructuring of worldviews was also much more correlated to Higher Consciousness than classic Kundalini awakening symptoms like energy running up the spine and inner sensations of light.

Data supporting this theory will be made available through our Kundalini Discover project.