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Children need to be educated on knowing and mastering who they are by understanding how Kundalini-the evolutionary mechanism-affects their existence in this world. Because the current paradigm of materialism, children are currently taught that the possessions of things are the basis of life instead of love, kindness, compassion and community. Yoga, being based on the ancient knowledge of Kundalini (which current ESF research will show), shows that in schools it has great benefits to the students, for example: “Helps to create an atmosphere of confidence, enthusiasm and non-competitiveness where everyone can succeed, Supports social and emotional learning” (

--(Bala Akula)Bakula (talk) 10:22, 6 July 2015 (PDT) The fundamental approach towards education and learning needs a major shift from information and intelligence based education system to Self Communication, Healthy Lifestyle, Moral value and being human based integrated education system. An integrated education system approach described above encourages one to be inquisitive and expand ones horizons from known to unknown rather than a blind faith on highly conditioned incomplete system. To be free is to "To Be Free" from all kinds of conditioning namely Social, Educational, Identity , Political , Religious , Geographical ,Spiritual based conditioning.

Current State of Education

  • The role of education
  • Primary focus is on success/global competition
  • Self-centered (instead of true Self)
  • Doesn't connect us to our true self.
  • Over-education. Forcing ambition on brain.
  • Make the point that education exists in a greater context, e.g., economic, political, technological.
  • Transition from education = learning to education = living

The Goals of Education

  • What are we trying to accomplish via education?
  • Attuning the mind to the Intelligence behind creation (with reverence and respect).
  • Acknowledgement of higher intelligences ruling the universe and and higher knowledge.
  • Best practices to help us attain a balanced healthy lifestyle?
  • Must be a balance in education between the acquisition of knowledge of the physical world, and attuning the mind.

How does this all tie in with Kundalini research?

Reference point: Drug use (study drugs) in the U.S.

"A true education is the harmonious development of the best faculties of mankind." - Swami Vivekandanda

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