Kundalini Experimental Project Overview

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The Kundalini Experimental Project is an Emerging Sciences Foundation research project to understand the life factors responsible for a healthy awakening of Kundalini. Physical and psychological manifestations of Kundalini vary depending on constitution, heredity, environment, etc. Kundalini is a phenomenon confirmed by thousands of years of direct human experience. The Kundalini mechanism is theorized to exist as a divine intelligence working within the human body, its purpose to uplift humankind to the next higher dimension of consciousness. The goal of this process is to bring a person in tune with the moral and psychospiritual laws of the evolving brain. It is Kundalini's widely felt effects, along with her extreme importance for the safety and survival of the species past the Nuclear Age, which supports the case for a large-scale, empirical investigation into the phenomenon.

The Kundalini Experimental Project is hosted on the commercial mass-collaboration tool Brilliano.

Information on how to access the Kundalini Experimental Project can be found on the Emerging Sciences Foundation website.

Research Approach

  • Surveys
  • Historical Research / Data Gathering
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Experimentation of methods to awaken and/or stabilize Kundalini on volunteer subjects


The Kundalini Profile Survey

Measure the intensity levels of various types of psychophysiological experiences that could be related to Kundalini. The latest analysis for this survey is available at the Kundalini Profile Survey Analysis page. All analysis is being conducted by the Emerging Sciences Foundation's Kundalini Data Insights team. All analysis techniques and source code is made freely available to the public as part of the Kundalini Discover project on GitHub.

Survey question groups (complete list):

  • Mystical experiences
  • Spiritual experiences
  • Psychophysiological experiences
  • Psychic experiences
  • Talents and altruistic tendencies
  • Physical effects
  • Psychological effects

The Personal Background Survey (in development)

Map personal conditions, both inner and outer, that could be related to Kundalini experiences, e.g., diet, exercise, heredity, etc.

Survey question groups:

  • Personal Background
  • Heredity
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Personal Evolution
  • Stressors and Traumas and Medical History
  • Environmental Factors
    • E.g., politics and social order